Modern Hotel Project Freestanding Acrylic Soaking CUPC Bathtub

Length: 1.7m
Material: Acrylic
Color: Matte Black
OEM &ODM: Available
Certification: CE/cUPC
Install Type: Freestanding

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Production process: preparation before production—confirmation of material and mold—temperature setting—molding—paste glass fibre—cutting edge—install the overflow—split joint—fix bracket—rough polishing and repair—inspect—spray lacquer—inspect—polishing finish—inspect—packing

Quality control: there are 3 inspection processes, and every detail is carefully confirmed.

Installation procedure: a. prepare wrench and levelling instrument. b. Adjust the leveling feet of the bathtub to make the bathtub level.

Why the world is full of color, we still pilgrimage to black and white.
Black is the end of all colors, just like the essence of life, clean and pure.
With black is the outline, acrylic black bathtub that give you the value of the face at the same time, but also give you a better insulation effect. Elliptical appearance, fashionable design, is now the choice of young.

For the bathtub, will you choose a matte bathtub or a glossy bathtub? Do you know the pros and cons of matte bathtub and glossy bathtub?

Matte bathtubs look more textured but are difficult to maintain, and glossy bathtubs are easy to maintain but more common, so you spend more time cleaning your bathtub for visual pleasure? Or choose a bright bathtub to save time on cleaning?

Packing: Standard export carton packaging or pallet, can be packaged according to customer requirements.

Warranty period: one year

Sample: there is no problem for one sample to confirm the quality and design.

Product Certification: CE, CUPC for bathtub.

Factory Certofication: ISO9001 etc.

It seems that the exhaustion of the day can only be relieved by hot water.
removing her clothes and leaving behind the messages from work on her phone.
She lies into my body and slowly closes her eyes.
I heard her light snoring.
I had to keep the water warm and comfortable.
I had to keep the water warm and comfortable to let her forget her busy schedule for a while and rest.

Whenever I’m about to drown in the distractions of the outside world, I go into the bathroom to find a piece of peace inside.
Breathing and meditating in the sound of running water and emptying myself in the flawless white bathtub always give me the space for self-consciousness and the power to soothe my heart.
Comfortable and beautiful bathtub brings you better enjoyment.

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